About Us


Paar Design Studio is a family owned, full-service design practice established over twenty years ago. We strive on delivering impeccable design solutions to all of our client’s needs whether in residential, commercial or interior design. This is accomplished through rigorous analysis of various design solutions which are all based around the client’s needs. We always seek to “marry” form and function in order to create a lasting piece of architecture, whether a new home, a renovation, or an interior design space.

Paar Design Studio offers a full-service to Clients from conceptual design to project completion, and we can be involved at all levels including project management. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer quality service by completing projects on schedule and within budget. Our knowledge, creativity, experience, and professionalism have given us the deserved reputation as one of Toronto’s leading firms in Residential Design.

“Form follows function- that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a Spiritual union.”

- Frank Lloyd Wright